Nutrition is vital to the growth and development of infants, children, and adolescents. A balanced diet can help support healthy brain development, strong bones, and overall well-being. However, it can be challenging for parents to ensure their children receive the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Pediatricians can play a crucial role in helping families make informed decisions about nutrition and promoting healthy habits.

Infants require a nutritious diet to support rapid growth and brain development. During this stage, breastmilk or formula is the primary source of nutrition. Pediatricians can educate parents on the importance of breastmilk or selecting a formula that meets their infant's nutritional needs. They can also advise on complementary foods to introduce as the infant grows and begins to consume solid foods.

As children grow and enter their school-age years, it's crucial to continue promoting healthy nutrition habits. A balanced diet should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy. Pediatricians can work with families to create meal plans that meet these nutritional needs and provide practical tips for encouraging picky eaters to try new foods.

Adolescence is a crucial period of growth and development, and proper nutrition is essential to support this stage. Adolescents require adequate amounts of calcium, iron, and other nutrients to support bone development, and they also need to maintain a balanced diet to avoid weight-related issues. Pediatricians can educate teens on the importance of making healthy food choices and provide guidance on navigating the challenges of adolescent eating habits.

In conclusion, nutrition is a vital aspect of growth and development for infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatricians can play a crucial role in promoting healthy nutrition habits and providing families with the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about nutrition. By working together, pediatricians and families can help support the health and well-being of children at every stage of development.

We ensure your child receives the proper nutrients and develops healthy eating habits. Our dedicated team of pediatricians offers personalized guidance, education, and practical tips to help your child maintain a well-balanced diet. We believe nutritious food is essential for growth, development, and overall wellness.

We provide parents and carers with the information and tools required to offer nutritious meals and snacks for their children by collaborating with them. We aim to make nutrition a positive and enjoyable aspect of your child's life, setting the stage for lifelong healthy habits.

Nutrition plays a vital role in kids' health and well-being. Proper nutrition supports growth, development, and cognitive function, increases immunity, and decreases the risk of chronic illnesses. It's the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

As pediatricians, we don't provide cohesive nutritionist services. However, we can counsel families on healthy eating habits required for good health. and refer them to a nutritionist if needed.

A pediatric nutritionist specializes in assessing and addressing children's unique nutritional needs. They provide guidance on balanced diets, age-appropriate portion sizes, food allergies, and other dietary concerns. They work with families to develop strategies for promoting healthy eating habits and managing specific nutrition-related conditions. Contact our clinic for a pediatric nutritionist referral today.

Finding a nutritionist in Fresno, CA, is simple. You can start by contacting CMC Fresno. We refer you to a qualified nutritionist who specializes in working with children.

Common children's nutrition challenges include picky eating, nutrient deficiencies, weight management, and managing dietary restrictions. Our pediatric nutritionists are experienced in addressing these challenges. They provide practical strategies, personalized meal plans, and ongoing support to help children and families overcome nutritional obstacles.

Scheduling an appointment with a pediatric nutritionist at CMC Fresno is easy. Simply contact our clinic and inform our staff about your interest in nutrition services for your child. We will help you schedule a consultation with a pediatric nutritionist who will assess your child's needs and provide personalized guidance.

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