Sick Visits

We have proudly served our pediatric patients for over 20 years in Fresno, California, with our services reaching 500,000+ patients. As a parent, your child's health is your top priority. When your child is sick, it can be a stressful and overwhelming time, but making sure they receive the proper medical care is crucial. Regular pediatric doctor appointments can help keep your child healthy and catch any potential issues early on.

Here are some of the key benefits of taking your child to a pediatrician when they are feeling under the weather:

  1. Early diagnosis and treatment: A pediatric doctor is trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses and can diagnose and treat your child promptly.
  2. Preventative care: Regular check-ups with a pediatrician can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and keep your child up to date on all necessary vaccines.
  3. Expert advice: Pediatricians are experts in child development and can offer advice on everything from feeding and sleeping habits to growth and development.
  4. Chronic condition management: If your child has a chronic condition such as asthma or allergies, a pediatrician can help manage and monitor their symptoms, ensuring that they are well-controlled.
  5. Peace of mind: Seeing a pediatric doctor when your child is sick can give you peace of mind and provide reassurance that they are receiving the best possible care.

It's important to remember that pediatricians are trained to care for the unique needs of children and are equipped to handle a wide range of health issues. Regular pediatric doctor appointments can help keep your child healthy and catch any potential issues early on.

In conclusion, making regular pediatric doctor appointments a priority is essential for ensuring your child's health and well-being. Don't wait until your child is sick to schedule an appointment – make it a habit to visit a pediatrician regularly.

With 3 locations serving Fresno, we can always provide your child with the best medical and pediatric care.

We understand the stress and the urgency when your child becomes ill. That's why we offer same-day visits for children with immediate needs. Appointments and masks are required to enter the lobby. We are committed to assuring the safety of our patients and their families.

A Sick Visit is for immediate care when a child is unwell. At the same time, a Well Child Visit is a routine appointment focused on preventive care and monitoring the child's overall health and development.

Our sick visit specialist gets asked this question a lot. First-time parents and guardians of children can often be overly cautious when taking their child to the doctor due to their experience. We understand this and welcome sick visits regardless of the situation to put your mind at ease.

These are a few reasons to consult a pediatrician; nevertheless, if you are concerned about any symptoms your child is experiencing, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

  • Pain in the abdomen (appendicitis can cause pain on the right side of the stomach)
  • Injuries falls, and serious accidents.
  • Problems swallowing (could indicate an allergic reaction)
  • Vomiting or feverish headaches
  • Rashes that are painful or widespread
  • Dehydration or lack of eating.
  • Fever that lasts days or does not respond to pain relievers

We have a billing and insurance process for our Sick Visit services. We recommended contacting our office for specific billing and insurance coverage details.

Scheduling a sick appointment for a Visit at CMCFresno is recommended to ensure the safety of all patients, parents, and caregivers.

Depending on the child's symptoms and condition, additional tests or procedures, such as diagnostic tests or laboratory work, may be ordered during a Sick Visit at CMCFresno.

To schedule a same-day Sick Visit appointment at CMCFresno, we recommended calling our office as early as possible to check availability and secure a convenient time slot.

A qualified healthcare provider will see your child evaluate their symptoms, diagnose the child's condition, and provide appropriate treatment during the child's Sick Visit appointment at CMCFresno.

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